Cornerstone Foundation Repair Services

Sump Pumps and Drain Tile

Required when there is no reservoir for water to travel during storms, resulting in a flooded basement.


  • Poor drainage
  • Negative soil grade
  • Inadequate gutters
  • Lot terrain


  • Water in basement
  • Moisture spots
  • Pooling water in yard
  • Foundation deflection and settlement
  • Ground erosion


Sump pumps and drain tile systems create a place for water to run to that is lower than the lowest part of your basement interior areas keeping any water damage from occurring.

Floor of basement is lifted exposing the footing of the basement. Drain tile is then laid on the footing and buried in gravel and the concrete is replaced, then the water is directed to the sump pump below the basement floor resulting in a discharge of excess water away from the home.

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